Friday, 8 June 2018

RD show

RD show
My favorite was the one with bob on the bike
It shows what is going on in u
s because it looked cool to and a bit funny to and the one when you spin around was cool to

Me and Gabriel went to these things together and i learned that planets are like us they get rid of stuff they don’t need in them like us people it is really fascinating and they did a one there they melted a some medal
to show us that would happen. 

      what it mean to be in Gods family

      It means love other support one another we keep everyone safe
      Having faith with God no matter what happens we share are staff
      Together and saying nice things to people

      Wednesday, 2 May 2018


       My post shows hat I learnt and have link to eviden.ce.w
      my post shows my next learning step or steps or I share question

      I need to get better at Addition to 20 and subtraction to 20. and I will try to practices at home to try to get better at i am not to good at math and need to get better on stage 6